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Hiring the right skilled labor

Hiring the right skilled labor for the job is just as important as any other aspect of construction projects, especially a large one. Looking through lists of job applicants to find people with the best experience is time-consuming and energy-sapping.

The construction industry has spikes and low periods like any other job market, and it’s not always possible to keep a full staff on the payroll. We can pick up the slack when a big project comes in and make sure that construction staffing is available.

Construction workers benefit from our help because they can work when jobs are available. Laborers on demand are ready to work when needed. Industrial and construction jobs on every level will be covered when we supply construction staffing. We have skilled labor for every aspect of construction and industrial jobs that need people who have very specific trades.

  • OSHA Training. At Construction Labor Contractors, we have the ability to provide all of our employees with safety training for OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal requirement for most laborers. We’re also happy to provide more specific training, depending on the job requirements. Some of our skilled laborers come with already completed safety training! By taking these step we keep safety as a priority, minimizing the risks for construction site injuries.
  • Risk Management and Human Resources. Our team also provides services to contractors in risk management, human resources, payroll and employee benefits. We manage employee health, dental and vision benefits, and employee retirement benefits. We also deal with recruiting, unemployment and layoffs for contractors who don’t want to take on the hours of time involved in managing these areas of the business.
  • Various Industries Served. Our company serves commercial and industrial construction, manufacturing, drilling and exploration, alternative energy projects, and disaster relief and response. We also supply shipyards with laborers and send professional truck drivers where they’re needed. Other areas we serve include residential construction, government projects, electrical and mechanical construction, and general labor for assembly, warehouse, distribution and maintenance. We assign jobs for light technical labor as well. We know how to match up the best workers with the requested job openings.
  • Nationwide Services. All areas of the country receive our services in and around 15 major cities, filling job openings in many large construction company projects. Some staffing agencies, ours included, are able to offer health and retirement benefits even to temporary labor staff to attract skilled and experienced workers. Many laborers work for our staffing group over time, which helps us find them better jobs and find contractors the best temporary workers.

When contractors can hire the amount of workers they need, they can complete projects on time, saving money for the client. Clients often recommend contractors by word-of-mouth within their business and social realms. When projects go well, more contracting jobs follow, and more workers earn wages.

We understand the type of workforce needed for industrial and construction projects because we have supplied these labor groups for many years. As a result of successfully placing thousands of workers in more than 25,000 projects, our clients have written glowing reviews to recommend us; read them on our website.

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