5 Tips For Starting Your Construction Project Right

Construction staffing plan from CLCStaying organized not only saves you time, but can also help you avoid costly construction delays

While staying organized on the job site may seem fundamental and obvious, your project could see inefficiencies and costly delays that ensue when these steps are overlooked. Construction Labor Contractors have five easy tips to get you organized before your next project begins.

Begin with a list

This is arguably the easiest step. Start your construction project by writing down everything you need to do before work can begin on the job site. Include everything from permits to licenses and job site storage. This allows you to check them off as you go, making sure that even the small stuff isn’t forgotten.

Create a timeline your team can stick to

Even the smallest projects have a lot of moving parts, so getting down a timeline that your team is on board for is an important part of the planning process. There are plenty of planning tasks that move at their own pace, such as permitting, mobile office delivery and preparing your team. Managing your checklist on a calendar will help you prioritize where to spend your time, from the moment you win the job to the day the first day of work.

Expect (and plan for) construction delays

If there is one thing that can be counted on, it’s that construction delays are inevitable. Between lost paperwork, bad weather and change orders there are plenty of potential delays that could slow down your already tight timeline. Plan on delays and give yourself and your team the space to handle them, whenever possible. Using your timeline and checklist will help you anticipate delays sooner, allowing you to avoid last-minute surprises that upset your customers.

Make sure you have the right resources

You can have the best team and the right tools, but it takes more than that to get a job started on time and on budget. One of the most important ways to keep your job on track and your quality consistent is use suppliers you trust. Ask them if they can help with other services such as portable sanitation, temporary labor, furniture for your mobile office and more.

Evaluate your staffing plan

One thing that can help you avoid cost and time-consuming headaches is making sure you have enough reliable, skilled labor on hand to complete every job on time. The team at Construction Labor Contractors can provide you with the skilled craftsmen you need to get the job done. Begin your next construction project by learning more about our labor staffing solutions, or if construction staffing is the right solution for you.

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