Making Construction Projects More Efficient

Use Temporary Construction Staffing Effectively & Efficiently

Making construction projects more efficient is an ideal way for industrial contractors and project managers to increase profit margins and attract a wider range of clients. At Construction Labor Contractors, we routinely assist contractors and site managers who are interested in making operations more productive, and we have skilled labor craftsmen and construction workers who can handle the details of a project while minimizing a project’s expenses. Whether a contractor is looking for a few employees to keep a job site clean or needs trades to handle the various phases of an individual project, our team has the temporary construction staffing resources to assist with the largest or smallest residential or commercial job.

We have compiled the following tips in an effort to help make our partners jobs more efficient.

1. Create a Safe Working Environment

Construction Staffing SolutionsSafety is an essential concern on a construction site, and training employees takes time and energy. Because Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines change on a regular basis, our team makes an effort to stay informed of the latest regulations. Many of our clients appreciate our ability to work in a safe and timely fashion, and we routinely train our temporary labor pool to handle their jobs with an emphasis on prevention. We aim to create safe sites where injuries are minimized, and we believe in identifying and eliminating the behaviors that may be responsible for problems.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Temporary Construction StaffingEnsuring that crews are finishing a project according to schedule is essential, and today’s mobile technology can make an entire organization more efficient. Apps can assist with multiple phases of a project, from estimation to punch-out lists. The apps available today for the construction industry also make it easy to create documents and share them with others on a job site, so business owners can eliminate the need for travel and meetings. In addition, mobile apps can be used to create an agenda for meetings to ensure that every subject gets the attention that it deserves.

3. Build a Skilled Labor Force

Effective Construction StaffingHaving the proper amount of skilled construction staffing to complete a project on time is one of the biggest factors to success, and networking is a great way to ensure that a particular job has the skilled trades needed. We can assist clients who are running short for a particular project, and our team is happy to provide temporary construction staffing crews needed to finish a job on time and within budget.

4. Ask Questions and Gain Knowledge

Efficient Temporary Construction StaffingWhile the construction industry is a hands-on field, critical thinking and problem solving are still important. During the design and planning phase of a project, the right questions can make an enormous difference in a job’s outcome. In addition, managers can educate themselves about the industry and learn more about changes in the industry. Talking with others in the field ensures that a particular company can keep in touch with the competition. With this knowledge, you can make estimates more accurate and ensure that your business wins its fair share of bids. As the construction industry moves towards energy-efficient building technology, knowing about today’s LEED and green regulations may attract more potential clients and enable businesses to gain a larger market share.

Construction Labor Contractors works hard to make your team more efficient, and we have an easy answer to skilled construction labor shortages. There are multiple ways you reduce cost when working with a construction staffing agency:

  • Temporary employees costs less than hiring full-time employees.
  • Pay for only the skilled laborers you need.
  • Reduce benefit costs.
  • Limit the amount of overtime you pay full-time employees.
  • Meet qualified skilled labor demands quickly.
  • Reduce unemployment claims.
  • Avoid workers’ compensation claims.

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