Top 10 Sales Tips for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is booming and there are jobs popping up all over the place. But how do you finalize the deal? Success all depends on your construction sales techniques.

Here are the Top 10 Tips sales tips for construction:

1. Ask the Right Questions

Don’t shy away from asking questions when meeting with a potential client. They will appreciate you taking the time to learn what their needs and objectives are. Answers to these questions will also better equip you to speak on the solutions you can offer for their particular needs.

2. Know the Key Contacts

When trying to close the deal on a construction project, know who the key contacts are at the company. There’s nothing worse than trying to do follow-up, but leaving voicemails for people who cannot make the final call. In your initial meeting, make sure you ask for and include the final decision makers. Having proper contacts allows you to sell your value to the right people.

3. Meet with Decision Makers

Knowing who the key contacts are is the first step. Ensuring these are the people you meet with is the second. You want to build relationships with decision makers from the get go. Maintaining these relationships will transfer through the whole project.

4. Do Proper Preparation

Don’t just rely on your crew to know the information about a customer and project. As the point person, you should know everything, having the ability to any answer questions. If you are not adequately informed, you cannot think on your feet to clinch the sale.

5. Streamline Presentations

There are various facets of design and work that needs completed for a construction project. This can be overwhelming for potential clients, so present information in digestible formats. Streamline presentations so you are not redundant and create demonstrations so they can see what is to come.

6. Learn Budget Constraints

When working with a potential client, it’s imperative that you know their budget. Taking these constraints into consideration will help establish a mutually beneficial partnership. It’s important to ask not only the overall construction budget, but how much they want to spend on the different elements within the construction project.

7. Quote Accurately

While it may be tempting to give a less pricey quote to a potential client to lure them it, this can have disastrous results. Significantly misquoting projects will lead to problems for you down the road if you can’t deliver.

8. Communicate on Their Terms

Whether it’s in person, on the phone, through text or email, be available. Make it easy for clients to contact you, in the way that they prefer. Potential clients will appreciate your flexibility and ease of working together.

9. Show Your Personality

Staying professional doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know your clients. Showing your humanity, getting to know clients as people and not businesses, will create a comradery. One idea is to send a personalized thank you card after a meeting.

10. Evaluate Customer Service Techniques

Evaluating your customer service skills can go a long way for future sales. No matter how great your team is, there is always room for improvement. Have you had a recent bid get rejected? Take a look at where it went awry. If there was an error, work toward fixing it for next time.

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