The Top 10 Training Sessions for Construction Owners

Being a construction company owner means balancing a lot of moving parts. You have employees to manage, client expectations to meet and a project to complete. However, you don’t want to forget to find new and innovative ways to lead your business.

Here are the Top 10 webinars or training sessions you should attend this year.

1. Pushing the Limits to Find Collaborative Partners
The COAA Owner Training Institute is putting on this webinar as part of its Building Success for Construction Project Owners webinar & on-demand series. This webinar covers how true collaboration requires changing expectations as an owner. Participants will learn about two different RFP processes and how to utilize them.
Date: June 29 at 1-2:15 p.m.
Click here for more information.

2. Construction Executive Institute
Construction Executive Institute is a senior-level, immersion experience. It covers: developing and maintaining profitable, long-term business success; evaluating and mitigating enterprise risks; understanding and mastering financial control of your projects; and bidding, negotiating and managing projects to maximize profits.
Date: Aug. 22-25 in Raleigh, N.C. Register here.

3. 2016 Fall Owners Leadership Conference
This 3-day conference will have a wealth of knowledge for construction business owners. COAA’s conference sessions are approved for AIA credit, including a few that qualify for Health and Safety Welfare (HSW) with certificates available upon request. In total, there will be 18 owner-focused educational sessions, networking opportunities and an optional tour.
Date: Nov. 9-11 in Atlanta. Sign up!

4. Asphalt vs Concrete: Selection and Design Considerations
Learn more about the differences in asphalt and concrete and how they receive equal consideration by engineers. Improvements in pavement technology have largely eliminated the ruts that once plagued asphalt and cracks that spoiled concrete.
Date: Whenever works for you! Learn more.

5. Designing for High-Performance: Achieving Goals without Breaking the Budget
As a construction owner, you are under a lot of pressure to deliver sustainability and other performance outcomes, while keeping your project within budget. This webinar examines tools, techniques, technologies and policies for achieving high-performance buildings. Attendees will hear about leveraging existing strategies, practices and technologies to improve building performance.
Date: Get started now.

6. Breakthroughs in Mobile Technology in Construction
Technology is a big part of the construction trade now even if you haven’t jumped on board yet. One mobile application can encompass all project information in one place, creating a much more efficient and powerful solution. This is a free webinar to teach you how to utilize mobile technology.
Date: When you have a free moment.

7. Apps for Use in Construction
Part of utilizing mobile technology is knowing how to leverage apps. This webinar provides an overview of current apps that will enable your field staff to stay out on the project with access to email, photos, drawings and connecting in real time. Learn more about this online session.

8. Best Practices for Mitigating Weather Risks
When working on a project, weather can wreak havoc and cause delays. This seminar explores the risks entailed with weather, risk assignment specifications for weather, the schedule inclusion technicalities for weather allowances and suggested best practice parameters for owners. Additionally, it touches on how to address weather in the schedule and the contract, with recommendations on best practices.
Date: Want to get started now? No problem.

9. From Good Manager to Great Leader – How Do You Get There
To grow as a leader, there are specific steps you can take. These steps will enhance the performance of you and your people in the process.
Read more about this session here.

10. Is Perfection Possible? Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design & Construction
Design and construction are not an exact science. There is a lot of uncertainty to work through to manage a successful team. In this webinar, participants will examine a SmartMarket Report about the typical sources and costs of project uncertainty, along with reviewing tools for educations project teams and much more.
Date: Get started today.

Learning ways to better yourself and your company is always beneficial. Did you know that CLC can help you with your HR management and other employee benefits, including payroll? Read more about our services.

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