Top 8 New Products for the Construction Site

Incorporating the latest forms of technology into your construction business may get pricey. New construction products are a less expensive way to ease your way into the future.

Varying jobs on the construction site can benefit from the addition of new construction products. From new forms of materials to application enhancements, there’s a little of something for both your crew and customers.

Here’s the Top 8 New Products for the Construction Site:

1. Cross-laminated Timber


Cross-laminated timber is time-saving product. The advancement in strong formaldehyde-free adhesives creates a multi-functional timber used to replace concrete flooring. It can also work as the shell and interior of a building.

One expert said utilizing cross laminated timber creates “unprecedented speed and precision.”

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2. Paint Shield


Going the extra mile for your customer reaps huge rewards. Using products that can save them time, money and energy in the future is always appreciated.

Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Shield paint is the first-ever EPA-registered interior latex paint with the power to kill certain bacteria on painted surfaces within 2 hours of exposure.

The microbicidal paint kills 99.9% of Staph (Staphylococcus aureus), E. coli (Escherichia coli), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis) and Enterobacter aerogenes on painted surfaces. Not only does it offer these attributes during application, but it also continues to kill 90% of bacteria for up to 4 years.

3. ZipFast


When you are in the middle of a project, some areas progress faster than others. One site area may still have dust flying around, while others are ready for finishing touches. That’s where ZipWall comes in.

ZipWall is a reusable dust barrier that protects one space from dust and debris that may travel. One of the biggest benefits of this product is that it can get washed after used.

4. LathNet


Efficiency is of the utmost importance on the job site. As a mason, you need to get in, get the job done right and move on. Mortar Net Solutions created its LathNet Drainage Plane and Metal Lath System for faster installation and fewer wall penetrations than installing a drainage plane and lath separately.

Designed for use with stucco, thin brick, stone and other types of adhered masonry, the duo system combines proven components in an engineered and tested system.

LathNet promotes full lath encapsulation without clogging the drainage plane. Additionally, the drainage mesh provides a mortar barrier to prevent bridging.

Want to learn more? Check out this video.

5. Winbag


The Winbag is as an easy-to-use tool that makes hanging windows and leveling doors more efficient.

It’s an inflatable shim that fills gaps from 3/32 inches up to 2 inches. Don’t mess around with wood shims anymore. Get the Winbag, pump it up and you’re ready to go.

6. Light-emitting Cement


Light-emitting cement is a remarkable innovation in the concrete realm. The most significant perk of light-emitting cement is the elimination of the need for electricity to light highways.

One other concrete technology emerging is self-healing concrete. Concrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. It costs billions of dollars each year to repair. With a self-healing material, this would save a significant amount of money.

7. Coral-like Bricks


Creating building materials in nontraditional methods continues to be a driving force of innovation in construction.

BioMason, a building materials startup company, developed a method to grow bricks by injecting microorganisms into sand.

BioMason claims the coral-like bricks are strong enough to use in houses, commercial buildings and other structures.

The goal to start selling these bricks to consumers is 2017, so stay tuned.

8. Self-loading Scraper


K-Tech released its 1243ADT scraper, designed for self-loading up to 43 cu. yds.

The 1243ADT’s rolling push-block grants an easier push with a dozer blade to prevent any jarring of equipment and operator.

It’s applicable for any soil condition and offers rapid cycle ties and high flotation for maximum performance.

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