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Experienced Skilled Tube Welders From CLC

If you need professional tube welders, take advantage of expert construction staffing solutions from Construction Labor Contractors. CLC works with hundreds of skilled laborers throughout 16 agency locations across the United States and delivers experienced craftsman immediately to your construction site. Tube welding is a demanding job that calls for a great deal of experience and skill, and CLC is ready to meet your needs without delay.

Tube Welders

CLC Comes Through in a Crunch

As your construction project demands increase, so will your need for skilled labor. And when you’re in a crunch, it can be very stressful finding qualified skilled labor to fit your exact needs. Working with the construction staffing specialists at CLC relieves you of the extra work and headaches involved with interviewing and hiring new employees.

You’ll love the extra help you’ll receive with bringing on new employees that have specialized skills like tube welding. CLC’s tube welders are experts at joining exotic metals as well as carbon steel, boiler tubes and water walls. Our tube welders are experienced and trained to repair broken or cracked parts, fill in holes and use various welding equipment to weld in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.

Profitable, Money-Saving Temporary Employees

CLC’s temporary construction staffing is flexible and reliable, providing you skilled craftsmen wherever and whenever you need. Don’t let productivity decrease because your work schedule is overloaded. Increase productivity with skilled tube welders from CLC, and continue to focus on meeting your construction project deadlines successfully. You’ll find that working with tube welders from CLC costs you less in the long run because you don’t have to worry about paying overtime or provide benefits to temporary employees. And you will avoid the hassles of Obamacare if you keep your staff to less than 50 full-time employees.

Your overall costs for unemployment are also reduced with temporary staffing. Forget about dealing with unemployment claims and the Department of Labor. This is because the CLC employees are employed by CLC, so you never have to be concerned about filing for unemployment when our services are no longer needed for your construction project. You pay for only the employees you need, when you need them, never a penny more. Plus you will have no more employees sitting around waiting for work to do. CLC staffs your construction projects promptly, as needed, avoiding the permanent commitment full-time employees require.

Put CLC’s tube welders to the test. Contact one of our construction staffing solutions representatives today and we’ll get you started.

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