Resolutions for Construction Professionals in 2014

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2014 Construction Industry ResolutionsAs the economy continues its turnaround in 2014, the construction industry is picking up the pace. From commercial buildings for retail to office space and custom-built homes, new projects are in the works all over the country. As building projects continue to ramp up, the need for experienced and dependable construction staffing from a reputable skilled labor company will grow. These top resolutions for construction professionals in 2014 aim to provide builders with safe, productive and capable crews sourced from our Construction Labor Contractors.

1. Make Safety the Top Priority

Construction workers have one of the highest rates of injury and death in the workplace. Labor staffing team members should regularly review the latest OSHA standards and communicate changes to construction crew members. Observe workers on the job to identify any actions or behaviors that could lead to an injury or accident in the workplace.

2. Incorporate Technology

With handheld devices being more affordable than ever, now is the time to incorporate technology in the field. Tablets and smart phones can be used to take notes, check schedules, send messages and review memos. Electronic communications can take the place of or augment in-person meetings when timelines are tight.

3. Recruit and Retain Skilled Workers

Finding a dependable pool of skilled construction workers is an ongoing challenge in the construction industry. Labor staffing specialists such as Construction Labor Contractors are a cost-effective and efficient way for companies to find all the workers they need when they are needed. Instead of having to lay off staff at the end of a project, our construction staffing agency allows builders to order the staffing levels for the amount of time they are needed. Skilled labor contracting agencies are able to maintain a database of workers who have specialty skills and licensure to operate certain types of construction equipment. Using a construction staffing agency reduces the amount of time that a construction company has to spend with administrative and human resources tasks.

4. Keep Up to Date on the Latest Industry Trends

The last thing a company wants to do is fall behind in industry trends. Read industry publications, pay attention to what the closest competitors are doing and learn about upcoming technologies and trends that could change the game and outlook of the field. If a company can develop the ability to anticipate and positively respond to industry changes, they will be better able to handle whatever comes their way. We stay on top of these industry trends so we can offer top-notch staffing.

5. Improve and Increase Communication

Communication is the key to success at all levels. From explaining needs and expectations to construction staffing crews to determining goals with company administrators and investors, clear, concise and consistent communications are a must. Use these enhanced communications as a way to see the bigger picture and gain perspective about what is going right and how to make improvements.

6. Enhance Training of Staff

In order to get the highly skilled employees desired for a project, it’s time to invest in training and educational programs that produce the such skills. Consider paid on the job training programs and continuing education and experience opportunities for contracted construction workers who show a willingness to participate and motivation to expand their knowledge and know-how. Work together with our labor staffing agencies to determine skill sets that are needed not just now but also those that will be needed in the future as the construction industry grows and changes along with the rest of the world. Investing in the skills of those who do the labor will pay off many times over as it gets easier to find workers who can meet or exceed our standards.

When a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking crew is needed for any construction project, contact us at Construction Labor Contractors. We’re always here to help with construction staffing needs for any size project.

  • Stop worrying about recruitment, layoffs and unemployment.
  • Get OSHA trained skilled workers.
  • Temporary employees costs less than hiring full-time employees.
    • Reduce benefit costs.
    • Limit the amount of overtime you pay full-time employees.
    • Pay for only the skilled laborers you need.
    • Reduce unemployment claims.
    • Avoid workers’ compensation claims.
  • Use one proven source for all your employee administrative needs
  • Alleviate HR, payroll, risk management and payroll issues
  • Gain access to top-tier benefits and a 401k with company match
  • Offer health, dental, even vision
  • Staff your jobs with qualified, quality people

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