Wanted: Skilled Tradesmen for Growing Construction Industry

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Building never stops in this country. New office buildings are being constructed. More subdivisions are being developed. Different branches of government are always erecting new structures to replace those that have outlived their usefulness. In addition, many older buildings are being updated, retrofitted, and modernized to meet the needs of today. But it takes a group of skilled tradesmen to accomplish all of this.

The Shortage in Skilled Tradesmen

Skilled Tradesmen ShortageThe Association of General Contractors (AGC) has reported that many tradesmen and craftsmen have retired or left the industry over the past decade, resulting in a shortage of skilled electricians, plumbers, roofers, and other trades needed in the construction industry. The AGC is attempting to slow this shortage by asking officials to bolster vocational education programs that will prepare students for careers in the construction industry.

We need to replenish this pool of skilled workers. Vocational education classes and other programs are important. However, existing experienced construction workers are going to play a major role in the revitalization of the industry.

It’s going to take time to rebuild the workforce we once had. Therefore, one of the goals of Construction Labor Contractors is to make sure that those people, who have the needed skills and are still planning on working for a number of years, can find a work environment that is best suited to their needs and abilities. No one should look upon the construction industry as just another job because the skilled labor pool that is available in this country has shown time and time again what it is capable of doing.

Solving the Shortage with CLC

At Construction Labor Contractors, we are very pleased to be a part of this process by finding and recruiting labor staffing, construction staffing, and the skilled labor force needed to complete the new projects, and restore existing, but neglected buildings, bridges, and other parts of our infrastructure to meet modern demands and safety standards.

If you are part of the construction industry and are looking for work, please contact us. We are searching for people like you to fill positions throughout the country. There is an ongoing need for many general and specialized skills these workers contribute to these projects.

That is why Construction Labor Contractors is not only on the lookout for skilled workers whose abilities have grown with the demands of the times. We are also seeking newly trained workers, who are eager to implement the skills they have gained, while they learn the importance of quality craftsmanship that comes with experience.

CLC – Your Source for Skilled Tradesmen

  • Stop worrying about recruitment, layoffs and unemployment
  • Get OSHA trained skilled workers
  • Temporary employees costs less than hiring full-time employees
    • Reduce benefit costs
    • Limit the amount of overtime you pay full-time employees
    • Pay for only the skilled laborers you need
    • Reduce unemployment claims
    • Avoid workers’ compensation claims
  • Use one proven source for all your employee administrative needs
  • Alleviate HR, payroll, risk management and payroll issues
  • Gain access to top-tier benefits and a 401k with company match
  • Offer health, dental, even vision
  • Staff your jobs with qualified, quality people

Construction Labor Contractors is a company that specializes in labor staffing on an as-needed basis and construction staffing for major jobs. Working throughout the United States, we search for skilled laborers to hire out on a temporary basis and have become the leading source for construction staffing, labor staffing, and skilled labor in the country.

There are many ways that qualified construction workers, and those with specialized skills can find jobs. Often, in the construction industry, it is necessary to move to where the construction job is taking place. Using our company, and the resources it provides, can help to place you on another job in another state or region of the country as soon as possible. At your request, we will also work to place you on jobs close to your home base.

In addition to constructing and refurbishing buildings throughout the country, we are involved in the ongoing effort to maintain, upgrade, and when needed, replace our infrastructure.

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