What Construction Site Safety Means To Your Bottom Line

Keeping your workers safe can help your productivity and your savings

construction site safetyHaving a thorough and well-maintained safety performance program is a great way to keep your workers safe. But did you know it can also keep your costs down? Keeping up with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and avoiding worksite accidents can help keep your expenses low. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate what your construction safety performance program means for your agency, and how a risk management agency can help.

Your Performance Compliance And Contract Potential
Whenever you put a bid in on a project, most especially longer more lucrative projects, companies are looking to make sure you won’t become a liability. If you have a large incidents rates you could be excluded from the bidding process for another firm that seems like less of a risk.

Delayed Deadlines
Construction projects can become wildly unprofitable when they exceed the original deadline, and work can slow when workers are injured on the job. Not only do you risk damaging your reputation, but you may experience financial penalties for delays experiences due to worksite accidents.

Workers compensation coverage is important, no matter the size of your construction agency. If your skilled labor workers are injured on the job without acceptable converge, and the charges are applied your the customers workers’ compensation you can expect a costly lawsuit. Uninsured employees may also sure for damages including legal fees and medical expenses, making it even more costly to not offer workers compensation coverage.

Insurance Rates
Even just a single claim can result in a large and costly rate hike for workers compensation insurance. Depending on the size of your agency, recovering from the loss of one claim can be devastating.

What can you do?
Construction Labor Contractors is a labor staffing agency dedicated to helping you avoid worksite injuries and keep your overhead costs down. As a full-service risk management firm we constantly review current and proposed labor law regulations and provide training for the skilled labor your organization needs. Learn how construction staffing firms can make a difference for you and your staff today!

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