Workers’ Compensation Fraud Warning Signs for Construction Companies

Help your company avoid fraudulent workers’ comp cost by keeping an eye out for these red flags.

Workers’ compensation insurance premium fraud can be a serious and costly problem for your construction company. Though it is illegal, that doesn’t stop some employees from filing fraudulent claims. This can negatively affect your company’s bottom lines, and lead to higher insurance premiums. Construction Labor Contractors explains some of the common signs of workers’ compensation fraud to watch out for.

What to look for when evaluating workers’ compensation claims

There are several “red flags” that are common in workers’ compensation fraud. Here are some things to watch for that may indicate a claim needs to be carefully investigated:

  • The injury was reported on a Monday morning.
  • There are a lack of witnesses for when the injury occurred.
  • There was a recently employment change for the employee, such as layoff or job termination.
  • The employees medical provider has a suspicious history of claims.
  • The employee has a history of injury claims.
  • The employee denied treatment or medical examinations for the injury.

The Benefits of Using Leased Labor and Temporary Workers

Because the burden of worker’s compensation expenses shifts to the staffing company, hiring temporary workers can be an excellent way to control your company’s costs.

Construction Labor Contractors has been a trusted named in the staffing industry since 1977. We keep an eye on safety and work to provide you with the highest trained temporary workers. By using a full-service risk management company and leased labor, you’ll have access to a comprehensive risk management department featuring smart, experienced underwriters, loss-control specialists and claims managers. We provide you with everything you need to handle workers’ compensation from return-to-work programs and drug testing to comprehensive claims review and litigation. This puts a comprehensive shield around your organization, allowing us to absorb risk on your behalf, and minimize workplace injuries. And we can manage workers’ compensation in all 50 states.

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